CG Blog Plans and Goals

CG Blog Plans and Goals

In this year of being deliberate, one of my focuses is obviously my blog. This silly little area of the internet means so much to me, thanks to the inspiration, motivation, and accountability it has given me. And the people, oh the community. The first step of my blog deliberateness was my survey. I loved reading every answer, and there was so much great advice. Some new advice, and some confirmations of what I had been thinking already.

In order to keep my goals, let me share them with you for a bit of accountability.

  • four to five posts per week
  • themed days
  • blog calendar and posts planned in advance
  • more giveaways
  • guest posts and interviews
  • awesome About Me page
  • business cards
  • advertising and link exchanges
  • interaction with bloggers
  • SEO
  • X BlogLovin subscribers
  • X Instagram followers

As you know, I like getting specific with my goals. So here we go:

Four to five posts per week, themed days

  • MON: -
  • TUE: Project Life weekly spread, without fail
  • WED: Craftiness (mini books, photo books, home DIY, etc)
  • THU: How to (Photoshop, Etsy shop, Project Life, etc)
  • FRI: Freebie (twice per month minimum)
  • SAT: -
  • SUN: first post in the series coming this Sunday

Personal posts will happen as they happen.

Blog calendar and posts planned in advance

I have a Moleskine, a printed calendar with pencil writing, Evernote, and the WordPress Editorial Calendar to plan these. I have a list of ideas so that I can easily slip them into dates.

More giveaways

I like doing giveaways and have a few planned but I still need to elaborate on this goal.

Guest posts and interviews

Totally need to still think of the specifics, but I loved Rachel‘s Creative Notebook feature and I’d love to have my own one where I feature different crafters. Any ideas of what you’d like to see ?

Awesome About Me page

I hate writing about mes, but I so love an interesting one. I have an idea for this and I’m reasonably excited about it.

Business cards

Now that I’m working for a branding company I can totally get these at cost price.

Advertising and link exchanges

I am not comfortable with having sponsors on my own blog just yet, although that might change later, but I’d love to sponsor other blogs or do link exchanges. If you’d like to do a (free) link exchange, or if you think I’d like to pay you to put my banner on your site, please contact me.

Interaction with bloggers and readers

Comment instead of just pinning, link exchanges, interviews. Put more focus on returning the love.


Basic SEO for my blog, and keeping it consistent.

X BlogLovin subscribers, X Instagram followers

This is a great way to see if I’m just talking to myself, or if anyone is actually listening.

Other basic goals are a result of what you guys typed into the survey and I will be focusing on them. The four main things mentioned that I wasn’t already doing are personal posts, DIY, Photoshop/digi tutorials, and Etsy shop experience. I’ve always been trying to limit my personal posts because I think I’m quite boring. But I really do like getting my thoughts out and won’t stop myself from now on. As for the Photoshop and digital memory keeping tutorials… Oh my gosh, I am so excited about this. I have a little project that I have been working on for a few months and I am fireworks kind of excited to share it with you. So that’s coming, yay.

As always, thanks for reading, and for allowing me to share myself with you. I am always open to post suggestions, or things you’d like to see, so do let me know.

As a side note, thank you to each person who commented on Sunday’s blog post, or emailed me. I appreciate your words so very much, and I am so thankful for this internet thing. There was a really great stack of advice that I could share with my family. We are finding out more every day, but for now it looks as positive as cancer can be. Sis. That Voldemort-esque word. How does it have so much power ? We are trying to focus on the positive, such as my being able to visit my parents, and the excuse to get new perky boobs. Hopefully this will all be done by the end of March and we can move on and file this experience away. 

Happy Thursday


  1. Wavatarwoollythinker says

    Just a small note – I’ve been blogging (not much these days, but plenty in the past, on both personal and professional platforms) and following blogs for, like, a decade now? And one thing I know for sure: it’s the personal posts that make a blog live. The subject content may be smart, useful, compelling, it may be what draws readers to your blog, but it’s *you* that keeps them. You don’t have to bare your soul, and you certainly don’t have to worry about being “interesting”, but a little bit of personal stuff creates a relationship, a sense of trust, a connection. It makes people want to stick around. (And it’ll turn out to be awesomely rewarding for you, too.)

  2. Wavatar says

    I love this post. I’m a super planner too. I might have to nick some of these ideas for my blog ;)

  3. Wavatar says

    I am trying to have a plan and goal and set for them each months. The past 2 months have not been so bad, but with room for improvement. I really enjoyed reading your goals and plans of attack, per say, lol!

    • Wavatar says

      You are really great with your monthly intentions. Love reading them, and your progress each month. Make an addendum to your March intentions to get them all down so that you have a way of measuring if you’re doing what you want to be doing.

  4. Wavatar says

    I am so excited about so many things in this post! Im so excited to see your themed, recurring posts. (I am terrible at them). Im super excited about the guest post interviews! I love learning about peoples lives and finding new blogs that come highly recommended from my fav blogs! (Also, THANK YOU so very much for the shout out on Big City Quiet! And congrats on your interveiw, it was awesome!!) Im really looking forward to learning from you about how your Biz cards go and about SEO. And, Im most excited about you releasing freebies! I adore everything youve released so far! I cant wait for more! I am so beyond impressed by how Deliberate youve been with your word (cheesy I know)!

    • Wavatar says

      I think the recurring posts will be tough, at least until I find my groove. Thank you for your input, I appreciate it.

  5. Wavatar says

    Good luck with these. i am looking forward to them. Also, I’m up for guest posts in the future (after the wear and shock of moving homes is through) if you’re interested. I have some crafty home DIY in mind, so let me know if you want me to run ideas by you!

    • Wavatar says

      Hello lovely. Loved your tweet, obviously. Send me an email please (hey at cayleegrey dot com). ♥