Freebie | Bad Day Cards

Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey

These past two weeks have been really rubbish. And sometimes Project Life just can’t be all about the happy parts.  Since I couldn’t find any applicable digital cards to go in my bad week, I made a few simple ones myself. In black, white, and glitter, obviously.

Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey


Nothing like a little digital glitter to fancy up the S word…

Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey

There are nine cards in five designs. They have been saved as 3×4″ but feel free to resize them or overlay them as you wish, which is easy to do since they have white backgrounds. You are free to us them in your personal capacity, but you may not claim them as your own.

Please hashtag #CayleeGrey on Instagram, link to this page on your blog post, or comment below if you’ve used them.

Just click the thumbnail below and save the image to your computer.

Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey Freebie | Bad Day // Caylee Grey



  1. Wavatar says

    haha love them!! I perfectly see myself using them! I would prefer Pour me some tequila but that’s ok! :D
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. WavatarTheresa says

    Today my mother in law has heard she has breast cancer. So this card will fit perfectly today :-(

  3. WavatarAngie says

    These are awesome. I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. I hope it turns around soon.

  4. WavatarTheresa says

    Just found your blog… I’m going to love it here!! These are awesome!!

  5. WavatarKukky says

    Thank you so much. Love them all. Agree with you, PL doesn’t have to be just happy things.

  6. Wavatar says

    Love these! Hope you’re feeling a lot better soon and things start looking up for you x
    Sorry if this is a silly question but I just wanted to ask, how do you print the cards out in glitter?

    • Wavatar says

      I make the glitter digitally and so when it prints it’s not *quite* real glitter, but it’s pretty close, and good enough for me.

  7. Wavatar says

    Thank you so much!
    Life isn’t all about rainbows and unicorns, but most of the cards are, therefore I love your beautyful bad day cards!

    • Wavatar says

      Danke. And I agree – sometimes the rainbows and unicorns are replaced with rain and regular horses.

  8. Wavatar says

    I’m sorry life’s rough for you! Hope it turns around.
    Thank you very much for the images, they’ll sure come in handy. I’ll just call them “the golden lining” ;)

  9. WavatarWendy T says

    These are the best!!! The fact that they are gold makes them so fantastic. Thank you so much!!

  10. WavatarGabriella says

    Oh man, these are perfect and EXACTLY what I’ve needed for ages.

  11. Wavatarbriana says

    I love these! Thank you Caylee! Nothing like a little gold, glitter “shit.” :) I’m unfamiliar with the term “Smash Mortion.” What does it mean?

    • Wavatar says

      It’s one of my favourite words. It has no real meaning, I think it’s from the movie Knocked Up, it means disaster / mess up.

  12. Wavatar says

    Stumbled upon your blog and boy am I glad! Love these PL cards, definitely will put these to use! Thank you!

  13. WavatarP.J. says

    Thank you so much. Not everything is happy in life. Our last four years have been tough for many reasons. There is no little on the market for the bad times.