Project Life 2014 | 06

Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey

With my new *cough, cough* working schedule, I totally skipped through last week’s Project Life. Have you noticed that I’m trying to be consistent with my posting days ? I say trying because I’ve only been posting PL on a Tues about 50% of the time.

I’ve seen IG friends getting creative blocks and I’ve been quite cocky about it, since I haven’t really had a creative block I couldn’t break through in an hour. And then it happened. I couldn’t create anything decent for two straight weeks. I kept trying, but everything was garbage. And I’m not hard on myself at all. I get over things and stop caring quickly. But then week six happened and it was an awful week, and the photos were minimal, and rubbish, and I just couldn’t get things right.

It’s still not right, and I’m at the not caring stage. It’s done. It’s a week and a layout that I’m happy to file away along with my creative-block-free-cockiness.

Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey

Left side:

Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey

Right side:

Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey

Memorablia: none

Anything special: I used three freebie cards, yay

Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey

and I’m really loving this paint splosh from paislee press

Project Life 2014 | 06 // Caylee Grey

Products used: freebies: Bad Day card from Caylee Grey, black and white lines from Big City Quiet, Brush Script from Tracyxo • Besos from Digital Design Essentials • Eternal Sunshine from paislee press • title card from pictures + words no.9 and Week in Review Cards from paislee press • Archer and Oswald fonts


  1. Wavatar says

    You know what I like it, a lot. I love the clean, crisp feeling of it all, the photos tie in with the non photo cards but are not lost either. I had a few weeks like that last year, they were such crappy weeks that I found them really hard to do. But I done them, filed them away. I just wish mine had of looked has as awesome as yours.

    • Wavatar says

      You always have such thoughtful comments and I appreciate them a lot. My bad weeks last year are awful, glad to say that I am getting better with time. Thanks, Kellie. ♥

  2. Wavatar says

    I love the look of the two weeks together.
    And how you balance so many dark photos with the rest of the cards and it looks so clear!
    So much to learn. Love it!

    • Wavatar says

      Thanks, Marta. I didn’t do the dark photos balance on purpose, but you are right.Now I know for next time if the photos are dark to use lighter filler cards.

  3. Wavatar says

    I absolutely love how you use your filler cards. They aren’t just filler cards in your spreads- they always somehow manage to be part of the story, and pull the whole thing together. I also love the “Exit” photo – such a fun perspective!
    It’s like you told me, “I’ve also noticed that we can’t see our own cohesiveness. I think your pages are totally cohesive. Your style comes out no matter what you do.”
    Keep up the great work!

    • Wavatar says

      Thanks, that means a lot. One of the reasons I never got into traditional scrapping, or tons of product is because the words never quite matched or felt like something I’d say in real life. It’s silly, but it freaks me out (and I lose out on some fantastic products). Kate, you are lovely.

  4. WavatarStacy says

    Can you please tell me what font you use for the numbers on your Weekly card. I just downloaded it from Paislee Press and for some reason I expected the numbers to already be there. Love all your spreads by the way. Thanks!

    • Wavatar says

      Hey Stacy. Which weekly card ? The title card or the week in review ? Both use Archer as the font, which is a paid-for font, but Century Schoolbook is a good stand in if you want a free font.

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