Intentions | February Recap

Intentions | February // Caylee Grey

This was a very productive month, intentions-wise.

  • home unpacked, settled, and slightly decorated
  • InDesign lessons started, but quickly switched over for learning Illustrator
  • CG is officially scheduled
  • website finalised after months
  • half of PL 2013 filed away, but nothing photographed… considering just leaving it
  • one year celebrated
  • home management all filed away neatly into my Moleskine binders, and labeled like a pro
  • dream job landed
  • Etsy school completed
  • loving breakfast found (juices)
  • 25 at 25 checked, with plan for unticked items
  • photos, oh beautifully organised photos, all neatly in their chronological folders
  • wedding memories digitised, filed, and neatened up (WOO HOO)

Yep… I’d say that was pretty well done.


  1. WavatarVanessa Oliver-Lloyd says

    dear Caylee,

    I can’t find an email to send this to! I wanted to wish you and your family good luck with what is coming concerning your mother’s health. Also please don’t kill the messenger (I’d want to know if it was me) but ‘existence’ is written with an ‘e’ and not an ‘a’. Sorry, I wanted to write it in a personal message but can’t seem to find an email.
    xo Vanessa

    • Wavatar says

      Gosh ! Thanks for pointing that out. And thanks for the luck. PS: email is on the Contact page. xx

  2. Wavatar says

    WOW! You were so productive! I always feel like Im much more productive the more stuff I have to do! But Im so impressed that you got so much done AND started a new job!