Moleskine | My Collection

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

My love for Moleskine knows no limit. I love them purely for how simple, classic, and consistent they are. And the paper, oh my, the paper. It fits the way I write and draw perfectly. So smooth, and just the perfect shade of off-white.

While unpacking and repacking, and purging, and trying to get settled, I had a good look at my little Moleskine collection. I love every single notebook. I have many unfinished ones because I just couldn’t start a new project in a Moleskine meant for another purpose. Some pages are completely plain, and some of them I’ve copied another drawing for practice, but every single page is mine. Every page brings me right back to the moment I was drawing or writing on it. There are so many memories in my Moleskines, including the night that I met my husband… even though it was completely insignificant on that day.

I’ve thrown away so many of these books (shock horror), and torn out countless pages, and oh how I wish I hadn’t. Never again.

I’d like to introduce you to my collection…

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

It used to be purely black until I realised that I couldn’t afford my habit, and went over to the kraft cahiers. While the notebooks have changed, it’s pretty clear that I have a type when it comes to size. I want to get these organised this month when we get our new shelves (the current ones are overflowing).

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

At least I’ve organised my binders right ?

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

For drawing and writing.

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

For more personal writing.

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

For wine (my only one of the Passions range)

Moleskine | My Collection // Caylee Grey

And my very first Moleskine agenda.

And that’s it for this week. I’ll share a bit of their insides next Wednesday. Just thought you guys should say hi.


  1. WavatarVioletta says

    Oh wow, what a wonderful collection! Thanks for letting us have a peek at it. As someone who’s kept notebooks for many years (and sometimes been embarrassed at the size of my collection!), I find it fascinating to learn that someone I already like is a “notebook” person too. Yours just look so pretty on that shelf! Can’t wait to see a glimpse inside… :)

    • Wavatar says

      Ah thanks Violetta. I collect these notebooks along with my fiction and non-fiction reading books. We currently have too few shelves for our books, but I’m hoping to make them look prettier soon. I have a few ideas.

  2. Wavatar says

    LOVE THESE! I just bought a few for some different projects. One you inspired! I want to keep a book of scriptures I love and I plan to only write in it with my fancy calligraphy stuff! And one is my ‘book of knowledge’ its where I keep all my sermon notes in. I have one currently that is HUGE and FULL and I refer to it all the time. Will you share how you decorated them? Mod Podge or sewing or……?! YAY excited to see more!

    • Wavatar says

      Oh I’m so jealous of your new ones. I have a book with scripture, and one for sermons too :) going to do my calligraphy in the drawings book since I’m not really drawing anymore and it’s pretty much my only unlined Moleskine. I’m going to need a new one soon :D

      The drawing and writing Moleskines were stuck down with mod podge and I do not recommend this. Hate it so much. The rest was done with double sided tape, and I mean, the one has been around for 6 years without any problems.

  3. Wavatar says

    Wow, I wish I could be that organized. I just grab any notebook and write down any combination of things: ideas, designs/drawings, personal thoughts, recipes, grocery lists, etc. My mind isn’t that organized to separate those things into separate books. Very curious what you will share next week about the contents!

    • Wavatar says

      You see, I WISH I could do that. I’ve wasted so many books this way. The most uncategorised I’ve ever been was when I turned my Learnin’ Some German book into a Learning one.

  4. Wavatar says

    I am a huge fan of moleskine notebooks! I have one that I use for blog and project life ideas. I love your collection and can’t wait to see what is inside of them :)

    • Wavatar says

      Thanks, Jess.
      I have a monthly planner that I use for my blog, but I actually am bad at keeping it updated.

  5. Wavatar says

    Jeez Louise! This collection is awesomesauce! I’m not a big writer but I’ve always collected notebooks that I found at random places for really cheap prices LOL! I recently started buying Moleskins and I agree with you 100%.. simple, classic and oh so smooth. Thanks for sharing Caylee!

  6. Wavatar says

    Ah, I am moving this weekend and cannot wait to break out my Moleskine collection and put it back on my bookshelf. They are such a comfort, and even when I have tried other types of journals, I always go back. Your collection is great :)

    • Wavatar says

      Good luck with your move. Taking my Moleskines out of the box was one of my favourite parts of unpacking.

  7. Wavatar says

    Moleskins were my jam when I was in high school. I carried one with me everywhere and it worked extra hard at being my journal, to-do list, assignment planner, multimedia collage, and sketchbook (though I’m AWFUL at any type of sketching or drawing). Such memories, and definitely makes me want to go out an buy a new Moleskin right now! And binders…what?! They make those?!

    • Wavatar says

      I WISH I knew about them in high school. Gosh. And YES they make binders (although I haven’t seen any online so they might have discontinued that). They are incredibly expensive, and the clips are not the best quality, but oh they are beautiful.

  8. WavatarGrace says

    OMG!! I LOVE your collection! I’m a moleskine fan and I’m constanlr buying them when I have a coupon from Barnes & Noble one problem is that I never finish one all the way through..I end up with 20 or so pages at the end haha

  9. Wavatar says

    I just received my Moleskine passion journal recipe book and I loooooove it! Hubby was already a Moleskine fan long time before me. He actually bought me a notebook that I never dare to use (they are too pretty and precious).

    • Wavatar says

      Ah I also have to push through myself to put my pen to paper in a new Moleskine. I never, ever write on the front page because of this. I’d love their recipe journal. How many recipes can fit in one ?

      • Wavatar says

        16 recipes per sections. There are 6 pre-defined sections and 6 other sections you can customise. I wrote several recipes now, and love it. You need to squeeze for the “method” section but so far it went fine. They also provide some stickers so you can add new sections (I changed the pre-defined one to be: “Meat”, “Fish”, “Vegetarian”, “Side Dish”, “Dessert”, “Cocktails”).

        • Wavatar says

          Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it. I used to use my Moleskine binders as recipe books, but they became too full. Totally love that you have a section for cocktails.

  10. Wavatar says

    What a great collection. I love that you have one book for a different area of your life. Mine all just seem to mix together. I need to get more organized!