My Week in Paper | 01

My Week in Paper | 01 // Caylee Grey

Yay ! A new feature on the blog. I mentioned it briefly in my blog plans post, and ever since I saw the feature on Mary’s blog a while back I’ve been excited to start. I am a seriously big paper memories hoarder, so it’s perfect for me to document my week this way (besides Project Life, Instagram, and all those other ways ha ha). It’s also a great way to make sure that I don’t hoard paper, while still keeping the memories. I’ve set myself a limit: it needs to fit onto my scanner (A4). It will be hard to have to leave things out, but it’s also a good way of ensuring that only the highlights appear here.

This week in paper:

  • glittery g, along with rey found while organising and digitising my memory boxes
  • perfect pretty quote that I really needed for this week found in my new favourite book of pretty quotes (which I am disobeying every book lover’s rule and tearing out of for crafts)
  • wine from our braai (BBQ) on Saturday night, bought 100% for the pretty pearly label
  • I’m onto my second month of Oratane, and really, my three tubes of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream, and my E45 cream should be of importance here too
  • horrible sweet after D’s + my sushi night. So happy we are becoming best friends again.
  • S’s band’s vinyl sticker that I was told to put on the fridge (no) or the car (heck no), so it gets scanned in

What paper memories did you get this week ?


  1. Wavatar says

    This is such a fun idea! I don’t think my paper memories are nearly as pretty! But it’s a great idea to take a photo and share on the blog. I’d like to try that sometime. :)

  2. Wavatar says

    I’m so glad you’re starting to do this! But it wasn’t my idea originally. I stole it from the mastermind Adam JK.

  3. Wavatar says

    Jeez! I have to be better about looking out for more pretty wrappers and things! Now that were moving, Ive been a little more conscious of saving things to have them to look back on. this is a GREAT habit to start developing for travels! Question: When you scan them in, what do you do with them? I know you use them in albums and things, but dont you just end up printing it back out?

    • Wavatar says

      I was going to put the scanned image into my PL, but I decided to rather not do that. I’m rather putting the pertinent scraps (for this week it was the wine label) in as ephemera, and the rest I throw away. I’m becoming less attached to the less important paper memories, and more attached to the significant ones. I recently did a memory box spring cleaning. I might make a book with the paper memories that I scanned in and threw away.

      • Wavatar says

        Please do! Ive been cleaning out memory boxes too and have tons of sentimental cards (some more or less) but have no idea what to with them because there are just so many and we HAVE to downsize! I dont want to just hole punch them and connect them with a ring, because thats basically what they are now. Oh, If I had only been doing PL my whole life it would be simpler…

        • Wavatar says

          I love your last sentence. I feel like this a lot. I’m also trying to decide what to do with my cards. I actually thought of doing something similar to your postcards album, but UGH they are all different sizes. Do you have any other ideas ?