About Creating

About Creating ♥ Caylee Grey

Last week Olya asked me four questions about creating. Since I am currently into paper over pixels, and way into using paint chips for my to do lists, I just pulled out new ones to answer this.

What are you working on? How does your work differ from others?

About Creating ♥ Caylee Grey

Why do you create what you do?

About Creating ♥ Caylee Grey

How does your creating process work?

About Creating ♥ Caylee Grey

Every single Hello Lovely guest is someone who inspires me. Three in particular are big time inspirations to me, and I nominate them for the blog hop. I think their Hello Lovely features introduce them quite nicely. Kelsey, Rachel (whose HL went up today) and Mary.

Be sure to hop onto Kelsey, Rachel, and Mary‘s blogs next week to see how they answered, and three people who inspire them.


  1. says

    I love these paint chips! They’re such a cute way of mixing up to do lists, and making them look more inspiring!

  2. says

    “Sometimes it’s kak” I had to google this as I’d never heard this expression (in Australia) before, but I love it! Thanks for sharing Caylee, I always enjoy reading your posts and following your adventures :)

  3. Marta says

    I know I already have said it but I love how you write. How you breakdown ideas so clear and neat.
    I always have something to learn here.

  4. says

    Your paint chips, tho. You pull them off so well.

    And OMG thank you so much for nominating me — can’t wait to play with these answers over the weekend :)