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I have seen these X before Y posts all over the blogs for a few years. I’ve kept a draft list for a while. I really like round numbers, and so I waited to do my first one until I was 25. I am now 25 and rather excited about having a formal list for this.

I plan on documenting each of these. Because goals need to be specific, here is a bit of elaboration on each:


1. Organise photos

I have been very diligent with my photo organisation, but not diligent enough. I am always on the brink of perfect digital photo organisation, and this year I want to have it all done. Total photo organisation = perfect folders, unified naming structure, photos on the broken external recovered, all photos backed up on an external HDD and in DVDs by year, photos in a cohesive Lightroom catalog.

Bonus points: physical catalog for the photos

2. Prepare photobooks for printing

Photobooks become crazy expensive when you want to have twenty printed at the same time. This is why the goal is to have them prepared. Printing and payment can come when I have the money, but I want my photobooks digitally prepared in Photoshop, from start to finish. For now, the goal is to get one from each year 2006-2013. Hopefully I will excel so hard that I expand that list.

Bonus points: creative photobooks

3. Learn a third language

German is glorious, and I want to get to know it better. I’m not bad at reading and understanding German, but I am incapable of asking for anything other than a beer, or directions to the loo.  I want conversational German in my brain.

Bonus points: a certificate for basic German.

4. Three countries in one day

This has always been on my bucket list, and now that I’m in Europe it will be easier to manage. I must visit three countries in 24 hours, not just fly over them, actually spend time in them.

Bonus points: a meal in each country

5. Open up an Etsy shop

This is self explanatory.

Bonus points: sell something

6. Start a new tradition

Oh, how I love tradition. Now that T and I have started our own little family, it’s time to create new ones.

Bonus points: start more than one tradition.

7. Tattoo #2

Self explanatory.

Bonus points: done while in Germany

8. Write five letters

Not just any letters. A thoughtful, long, handwritten letter to five people who have influenced my life.

Bonus points: sent through the post

9. Create five Moleskine notebooks

Finishing a notebook gets me bonus points. I want to start five themed Moleskine notebooks, with at least the cover, front page, and one entry.

Bonus points: finish a notebook

10. Buy a labelmaker

I don’t like to place value on things that can be bought but I have been waiting a long time to get one of these and putting it on my list ensures that I will own one. Probably.

Bonus points: label something

11. Make a stop motion film

Doesn’t have to be long. Can be about anything.

Bonus points: longer than an Instagram video

12. Make a mini film

There are such exciting things happening this year that I want to elevate my memory keeping. Photos are great, but a video speaks so much louder. My sister has inspired me so much with her videos and I hope to create something even nearly as awesome.

Bonus points: honeymoon video

13. Document our wedding

After our wedding, everything was put into boxes in anticipation of moving overseas. As soon as I get back to those boxes I want to get all the memories into one place because I know that if I wait longer it won’t happen at all.

Bonus points: more than one wedding photobook

14. Throw a fabulous dinner party

Fabulous means more than three courses. Fabulous means it is themed. Fabulous means the guests are to be themed too.

Bonus points: wine pairing

15. Spätzle‎. From scratch

By far my favourite German food.

Bonus points: use a proper spätzle ‎maker that has been bought in Germany

16. See Hoodie Allen

I discovered Hoodie before he was famous. I know every word to No Interruption. I force my friends to watch me sing No Interruption. I need to see Hoodie.

Bonus points: photo of Hoodie / signature / T shirt / something

17. Visit Berlin

A city so full of art and life and love and culture. The capital of the most beautiful country in the world.

Bonus points: uhm, visiting Berlin

18. Introductory camera course

I want to know how to do what I do in Photoshop, on my Nikon. I know a few things, but not enough to be able to say that I have introductory knowledge.

Bonus points: official course

19. Sew a quilt

My landlady has inspired me to sew. This might be a good starting point.

Bonus points: it doesn’t suck

20. Paint something

I don’t expect to be able to paint a landscape, or a portrait of my husband. I would like to do something in my own style, no matter how simple it is.

Bonus points: mount it and put it on a wall

21. Create five thoughtful presents

Our wedding was a nice excuse to make the people we love feel a little bit special. I don’t want that to be the only time I do that. I have five people in mind for these presents

22. Plan an epic date night

It’s so easy to get stuck doing the same things day after day. I want to go all out on this one, and woo my husband a little bit.

Bonus points: husband is woo-ed.

23. Do something spontaneous

Nothing much to add on since I don’t know what it’s going to be yet.

24. DIY something

All those Pinterest boards full of inspiration ? They’re taking up space. Make something substantial. Something that takes at least a weekend to make, something that is made with my hands.

Bonus points: it turns out well

25. ???

Guess we’ll see on this one.