I’m a cross between your fairy godmother and your Jedi master. I simultaneously encourage with sprinkles and fairy dust, and kick your butt into gear with mad skills and wisdom.

I’m obsessed with creativity and productivity.

The intersection between these two realms is where I live.

I know the power that organisation has to both kick-start and maintain creativity because I’ve put it to work in my own life. A while back, I made the deliberate decision to go from passive dabbler to intentional working artist. I gathered the tools I needed, and put them to work to forge a path to a more creative life, and now that I know the way, I’ve made it my mission to help people who want to get there too.


I help you kick your fear of failure, your paralysing perfectionism, and your self-defeating disorganisation. I show you how you can live like an artist, and start accessing your unique talent and ingenuity.

I’m Caylee. I’m a wife. Mom to a human and a fur baby. Artist. Business owner. In that order. I’m a South African living in my dream country of Germany. I have a husband. He’s nice. I call him T because in the beginning I couldn’t pronounce his name. Same goes for cutting his surname in three. I called myself Grey three months into our relationship, way before Fifty Shades. Thank goodness it worked out. We now have a tiny fluffy dog, Griffin, and a lovely human, Elliot. They’re really great at being excited. So am I. We’re working on T.

I believe in three things most of all – creating, getting shizz done, and garlic. Almost anything can be made better with one or all of these three things.

I like forest walks and Age of Empires. I’m an INFJ. I co-host Get Messy, the most amazing art journal community on the internet, I interview artists in the How She Creates podcast, and I teach awesome things.

On 7 July 2014, I started working for myself full time. It was kind of a way to do the things I love the most every day, and kind of a way to not have to wear pants. I hate pants.

Currently obsessed with bookbinding. Always obsessed with travel journals. I don’t like outside except for autumn leaves, and walls covered in ivy. I can keep a baby human, but not a house plant alive. I was wrong about what side of my hand my palm is up until 28 years old. My spirit flower is a bougainvillea and my spirit animal is a swan. I have 100 three quarter filled Moleskines. I’m terrible at interior design. I don’t believe in keeping things in their original packaging and have an obsession with boxes and jars. I dream of turning the books around on our bookshelves but my husband won’t allow me. Recovering Nutella addict. Believe that nothing can’t be cured with pasta. Or a good breakfast. Overly enthusiastic and easily excited. Trying to spread art enthusiasm through @getmessyartjournal.