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Hello! I’m Jasmine. I’ve been scrapbooking for about four years, but I’ve been recording my memories since I could hold a pen (I seriously need to find my old diaries and burn them… so embarrassing). I have an awesome husband and a gorgeous daughter, and I love to make things! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite types of projects, a mini book. Or in this case… a giant mini book.

The Big Debut… A Giant Mini Book - A big mini about a girl's first year of ballet with loads of pink, florals, lace, and doilies

My daughter started ballet in the fall and had her first recital in December. It was something I have dreamed about since I was pregnant with her, and it was such an amazing experience that I knew I had to make a very special album dedicated to it. My memory keeping methods change from year to year, but with big events or super special occasions with lots of photos, I like to go the mini book route. My style tends to be very girly and textural, so I knew this album would feature lots of pink, florals, lace, and doilies because… ballet! I also love incorporating vintage elements so I included lots of retro ballerina images.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I want to work on a project that’s very special and close to my heart, and this album was no exception. I had squillions of photos and so many feelings, and I just didn’t know where to begin. So I broke it down into smaller tasks: choose photos, edit photos, decide on order, outline layouts, size photos, shop (the best part!), hunt down vintage images for printing, gather or write journaling (I keep notes in my phone and also use my captions from Instagram posts to help with this), print photos, and then dive in!

Actually making the album is the fun part. It’s all the prep work that really intimidates me so breaking that part down helps a lot. This was the first time I outlined my layouts, and it made things soooooo much more fun once I started making my mini. I was able to print my photos first and grab from a stack on my table as I made my pages.

About halfway through, I started running out of steam and ideas. When that happens, I typically scraplift myself (go back to the beginning of my album or other albums and use completed pages as sketches) or I get online and look for sketches. Most of the time I just google something like “scrapbook sketch 3 vertical photos.” This helps me so much! I love mixing it up by working from sketches because it takes the hard part out and I just get to choose papers and embellishments to fill in the blanks. Once I get over the hump, I usually feel reenergized and inspired to continue working away.

Before I start making an album, I always gather my products to keep right by me. I choose all my papers ahead of time and rarely go looking for something outside of my stack. I keep all my chosen embellishments and washi tapes in little dishes or baskets on my desk, and all my tools are close at hand too. For this album, I mostly used Pink Paislee’s C’est La Vie. It was perfect for a dance album, and I love how well it mixed with all my vintage pieces!

As you can see this mini wasn’t all that mini… it’s chunky!! I didn’t want to use massive binder rings to hold it together so I used a gorgeous piece of silk ribbon instead. I love how it looks, and it actually works quite well!

This album holds some very special memories, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. When my daughter is a dance superstar, I hope she enjoys looking back on this album… ;)

Thank you for taking a look at my project! And thank you, Caylee, for sharing your beautiful space with me!

xo, Jasmine

Guest Post by Jasmine


Jasmine is a wife and mother living in California. She loves the color pink, going to Disneyland, eating cake, and making things!

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