Make it so easy that you can’t say no. – Leo Babauta

Oh, I love day zeros. They show so much promise, they involve so much planning. I mentioned all the successful habits I’ve made yesterday. This is the first time I’ll be doing this with accountability. Because this one is a bit tougher, I think I need that accountability.

I am excited.

30 Days to a New Habit ♥ Caylee Grey

My 30 day habit plan

(This is based on the Tiago Forte course.)

My habit for November is to write daily.

My Tiny Habits for the first week are:

  1. AFTER I open my laptop to work, I will look at my to do list
  2. AFTER I look at my phone for the first time in the morning, I will read one Bible verse.
  3. AFTER I lay down at night, I will think of one thing for which I’m grateful
  • concentrate on Duhigg’s Habit Loop (Trigger > Reward > Behaviour)

Duhigg is the grandfather of habit research. This is the very foundation, that all of my favourite habit heroes (Tiago Forte, Leo Babauta…) can agree on.

  • use Tiago Forte’s Habit Loop 2.0 to plan

This guy is seriously a rockstar in my eyes. My third favourite productivity/self-improvement person after Sean McCabe / Tim Ferriss. The Habit Loop 2.0 comes from that Skillshare course that I told you about (that I’m taking for free).

  • make note of my Habit Personality Type (Upholder and Rebel)

I am an Upholder and a Rebel, which means that I respond readily to new habits, but also resist expectations. I guess it just reiterates the fact that I always need to do it for myself. As soon as someone else checks up on me I get annoyed and would rather not do it. Maybe to prove how little I care about their opinion? I don’t know. It’s a weird thing that I do.

  • make my habit short, specific, repeatable, daily

Write for 30 minutes every day.

  • have a consistent, precise, frequent, logical trigger

After I have my first coffee, I will write for 30 minutes every day.

  • have a reward that is delivered quickly, emotional, physical and social

I’m not that comfortable with this one, so I’ll keep the reward small and silly. I’m going to play an applause track after my 60 minutes (find one yourself). I’m also going to cross off a day on my tracker.

  • have a reminder

I’m going to keep my Habit planner out. I’m got Todoist reminders.

  • have a reason

After I have my first coffee, I will write for 30 minutes every day because I am the type of person who values words, and I believe that everything starts with writing.

  • have small wins

I am not trying to write a book. I am trying to practise my writing skills, and come out of November with 30 x 30 minutes of words.

My small wins will include:

  1. Writing for 30 minutes in the morning.
  2. Writing for 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 minutes in the evening.
  3. Writing for 20 minutes in the morning.
  4. Writing for 10 minutes any time.
  5. Brainstorm a subject to write on.
  6. Write an interesting heading.
  7. Write a list.
  • identify possible loopholes so that I can avoid them with closers

“I don’t have anything to write about” – well then write about not having anything to write about.

“I don’t have time” – write in the morning, when there is nothing else to do.

“This is stupid” – you made a promise to yourself for a reason. Trust that you knew what you were doing when you made it.

  • choose an inviting environment

I’ll be starting this out in Cape Town, which is pretty much the best environment. I’ll sit outside with my laptop and Table Mountain in the background.

Once I get back home I’ll keep my desk uncluttered, with a fresh vase of flowers on it.

  • track my habit

I’ll be using my Habit planner to track each day, my feelings, and anything I want to note.

  • choose an accountability system

I’ll be sharing on the Facebook page once per week, and occasionally on Instagram.

  • evaluate my 30 days

There will be a habit debrief on the Facebook group on the 1 December.

30 Days to a New Habit ♥ Caylee Grey

30 Day Timeline

  • Pre-Habit Month: create Habit planner, print it out, use an A5 Flip File to store notes
  • Day Zero: all this planning, complete Tiago Forte course
  • Day One: first day of the habit
  • Day One to Seven: practise habit, complete Tiny Habits
  • Day Eight: Week One Check In
  • Day Eight to 14: practise habit
  • Day 15: Week Two Check In
  • Day 15 to 21: practise habit
  • Day 22: Week Three Check In
  • Day 22 to 30: practise habit
  • Day 31: Overall Check In and Evaluation

30 Days to a New Habit ♥ Caylee Grey


If you didn’t grab the freebie from the other post, here it is again for you.

30 Days to a new habit because as Sean McCabe says, “You can't do everything at once. And that's okay. So what are you doing now?”

I’ve started a private Facebook group for anyone who wants to make a habit this November. Let me know if you’d like to join. I invited those who commented on yesterday’s post, feel free to decline. No pressure.