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30 days to a new habit plus a free 30 day tracker

You can’t do everything at once. And that’s okay. So what are you doing now?¬†– his royal highness, Sean McCabe

I am a completely different person to who I was last year. And she was a different person to the 2012 Caylee. And so on. I like reinventing myself. I like being better. I like being my best.

I treat myself like¬†the business asset that I am. I love learning. I no longer think “oh I wish I could do that”. Now I make a plan to just do it. And I know that these plans start with habit. We are not what we do every now and then. We are not a fluke. We are what we repeatedly do (thanks, Aristotle).

I announced¬†on Instagram that I would be doing a 30 day habit challenge during November. I even made a planner for it. Making an announcement and being accountable to anyone other than yourself is¬†the first step to making it official. I’ll be keeping track of it on my blog for two reasons. 1. The whole accountability thing and 2. If you wanted to join me or later do a challenge for yourself and you wanted an idea of the outline.

I’m starting my habit challenge tomorrow, and I still don’t know what I’ll be doing. It’s not that I am disorganised or anything less than wildly enthusiastic. I have a lot of ideas for making myself a better person. I even keep a running list in my Todoist. I am going to use the entirety of the day to ponder on this and think what works best for me.

Habit Ideas

Habits I have successfully implemented:

  • wake up early
  • morning routine (eyes open, say “okay day!” out loud [which Griffin has now been trained to know that it means getting up and excitement], spring out of bed,¬†go to the loo, glass of water, cup of coffee, go upstairs, start working)
  • drinking water
  • MITs (the best habit I ever took on)
  • unprocrastination
  • single tasking (needs a bit of work)
  • to do listing
  • time tracking (not one I want to continue with)
  • digital declutter practices (second best habit)
  • mental declutter practices
  • inbox zero
  • daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reviews

Ideas for my next 30 Days:

  • daily write
  • daily Bible read
  • meditation
  • morning stretching
  • single tasking
  • learning
  • less online
  • deliberate introspection
  • active gratitude

My broad plan

  • do this one habit every day for 30 days
  • come up with specific plan, figure out what success means for this for me
  • Start¬†with 1 November as Day zero, and use 2 – 31 for the 30 days
  • use the Habit planner to plan everything, to provide some structure to my recording, and¬†to monitor how subjectively successful I am
  • first day: go through the Tiago Forte Skillshare course
  • first week: participate in Tiny Habits (I have my habits for this already)
  • make use of the Sea Change habit-building principles and tips
  • research habit building even further, and learn more about how my body works
  • check in on the blog as an accountability resource

Resources for building a habit


30 Days to a new habit because as Sean McCabe says, ‚ÄúYou can't do everything at once. And that's okay. So what are you doing now?‚ÄĚ

So who’s with me?


  • Kinjal

    Yes. I stepped away from monthly targets in October as I desperately needed some more headspace, but I am ready to change a habit in November. I’d love to join a FB group to stay accountable :-) thanks for the inspiration.

    1 Nov 2014
      • Kinjal

        Hey! I sent you a message on Facebook and it went into “Other” as I don’t think I have Facebook set to email me for invitations :-)

        Hope you’re doing okay!

        3 Nov 2014
  • I love everything about this Caylee. Thank you for sharing so much – your thoughts, your plans, the freebie and the resources. I think I’ll spend Day Zero thinking about what I could make a habit in November too. Can’t wait to hear which one you choose!

    1 Nov 2014
  • I am so in!!! I also know what I want to turn into a habit. I’m totally on board and I’ll be using your Habit planner. So excited :)

    1 Nov 2014
  • Count me in! I can definitely use some accountability in my life. On to decide which habit will be the one…

    1 Nov 2014
  • I’ve made my goals public too. Hopefully this is a way for me to cultivate habits.
    I’m in!

    1 Nov 2014
  • Thanks for the tracker freebie!! That one is the bestest. Also, I love Duhigg’s book. Thanks for the list of resources.

    1 Nov 2014
  • Meg

    Will definitely join in. Countless times throughout the day, I become aware that I’ve hunched myself up into a little ball of tension, so I’ve been trying to convince myself to make time daily for stretching and deep breathing. This is a good incentive to get started.

    1 Nov 2014
  • Jil

    I’m in. Thanks for the inspiration and motivating pages, Caylee.

    1 Nov 2014
  • Love it.. thank you!

    1 Nov 2014
  • Ru

    Thank you Caylee, I’m very inspired by this and I can’t wait to start using my Habit journal. I’ve been trying to get myself to do yoga daily, but always have an excuse to not do so. This is a list of great resources – I’ve signed up for Tiny Habits as well as watched all of Design Your Habits. Thank you!

    1 Nov 2014
  • This is super inspiring. I think I’m going to join you in my own way.
    Also, I can’t tell you how much I love that you say “okay day!” every morning. <3

    Uncustomary Art.

    2 Nov 2014
  • You always have amazing ideas, advice and challenges. I am going to make this month a “project november” month to cultivate a habit of being productive and train myself to create and explore. I just have one question, what does “MIT” stands for? Sounds like a habit good to have :)

    Thank you <3

    2 Nov 2014
  • Shannon

    Count me in too ! You always have such great ideas. With a literacy contract ( writing facilitator and training manuals) I signed a few weeks back I am not able to go to my regular aquafit and yoga classes on a regular basis. I need to have a class it seems to keep on board with exercise so I am trying an 8 wk 30 min a day fitness blender class all on line. Would love to be invited to your FB group for added accountability. Thanks much!

    2 Nov 2014
  • I’m in this! I’m going to work on waking up earlier this month (I need your secrets for getting up at 6am). So excited to see how this month will go and have each other for support and accountability. Cheering you on!

    2 Nov 2014
  • I saw your announcement on IG and I thought: That is for me! Everything is so crazy that I forgot to leave a comment.
    Now I read your blog post, so glad I still can join! I am a little bit at a similar place like you. There SO many things that I want to improve that I do not know where to start.
    Meditating is on my list. I need to come back to this. Also to write for me, learn another language…
    This thing about getting up early… I think has my name on it!
    May I join, please?

    3 Nov 2014
  • ok…so this is amazing. You are so inspiring with your planning and goal setting and I haven’t been able to stop reading! I’m really awesome with planning and so not awesome with sticking to a plan (poor habit forming skills) so this seems perfect…but am I too late?

    18 Nov 2014

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