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Get Messy | The Announcement

Today is a really special day. Its snowing in Korea, its sunny in South Africa. Those are the two greatest states of weather, which have created the perfect day for Caylee and I to announce phase two of Get Messy Art Journal. We are taking this wonderful community of creators to the next level. We want to give art journalers their own platform to share their work, be accountable, hone their skills and inspire each other. So we have created just that.

Launching February 5th will be the ultimate art journal experience.

There will be tutorials, starter kits, prompts, link ups, chats, discussions, suggestions, questions, answers, community spotlights, design teams, teachers, students, friends, BFFs, and so much more….

The community will be run on a private blog that you will have access to for life. The one time fee will be low, as we want everyone to be able to join. There will be lessons and tips, and challenges for beginners and experts. Everyone is welcome, no matter their level of experience, location or commitment level. That’s the beautiful thing about art. It is what you need it to be, it’s what you want it to be.

There will be no rules except to create, encourage and inspire. You make your own rules this time.

But don’t worry, the Get Messy you know and love isn’t going anywhere, just evolving. We are officially on holiday break, but will resume in January with a monthly prompt and link up, instead of weekly postings, that anyone and everyone can participate in. This is so we can focus all of our creative hearts into the new community but still let the blog world, and those who like looking at pretty things on pages, in on the fun.

For more information and a set of brand new prompts that will give you a glimpse into the new program sign up for our newsletter. Be sure to follow Caylee and I on instagram and our blogs to find class and starter kit giveaways. The newsletter will be your source to all the knowledge and insider info, so be sure to sign up and get your sketch books ready because we’re about to Get Messy….


Get Messy | The Announcement


  • This sounds like a fantastic idea, can’t wait for more info x

    4 Dec 2014
  • I love the idea of art journaling. If I have more time in the new year, I’d love to get involved :).

    4 Dec 2014


    4 Dec 2014
  • I can’t wait!!

    4 Dec 2014
  • Awesome news Caylee!

    4 Dec 2014
  • sounds amazing! i’m signing up. :)
    xo, cheyenne

    4 Dec 2014
  • Ru

    Saw the news and I can’t wait! Just wanted to know, what journals/scrapbooks would you recommend for this project? :)

    5 Dec 2014
  • this sounds fun, Caylee! I can’t wait to see and hear more!

    7 Dec 2014

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