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Hey I’m Caylee


I’m Caylee. I’m a wife. Mom to a human and a fur baby. Artist. Business owner. In that order. I’m a South African living in my dream country of Germany. I have a husband. He’s nice. I call him T because in the beginning I couldn’t pronounce his name. Same goes for cutting his surname in three. I called myself Grey three months into our relationship, way before Fifty Shades. Thank goodness it worked out. We now have a tiny fluffy dog, Griffin, and a lovely human, Elliot. They’re really great at being excited. So am I. We’re working on T.

I believe in three things most of all – creating, getting shizz done, and garlic.

Almost anything can be made better with one or all of these three things. I like forest walks and Age of Empires. I’m an INFJ. I co-host Get Messy, the most amazing art journal community on the internet, I interview artists in the How to be an Artist podcast, and I teach awesome things.

I am the Pantsless Entrepreneur.

On 7 July 2014, I started working for myself full time. It was kind of a way to do the things I love the most every day, and kind of a way to not have to wear pants. I hate pants.

Currently obsessed with bookbinding. Always obsessed with travel journals. I don’t like outside except for autumn leaves, and walls covered in ivy. I can keep a baby human, but not a houseplant alive. I was wrong about what side of my hand my palm is up until 28 years old. My spirit flower is a bougainvillea and my spirit animal is a swan. I have 100 three quarter filled Moleskines. I’m terrible at interior design. I don’t believe in keeping things in their original packaging and have an obsession with boxes and jars. I dream of turning the books around on our bookshelves but my husband won’t allow me. Recovering Nutella addict. Believe that nothing can’t be cured with pasta. Or a good breakfast. Overly enthusiastic and easily excited. Trying to spread art enthusiasm through @getmessyartjournal.