Hello lovely reader

I haven’t been active on the blog for a very long time. When I started my amazing guest posts, the idea was to post on a Monday and Wednesday with my own stuff still. As it turned out, that didn’t happen, and my brilliant guests kept this little piece of the internet afloat.

There’s a really great reason for my silence, though…

Around Here

That’s a blurry, weird picture of my insides! And there is something inside of them! T and I are obviously pretty stoked.

Our very favourite creation will be finished around 18 February 2017.

If you’re thinking that this still doesn’t explain the almost radio silence on the blog, and the newsletter, leaving Snapchat and almost leaving Instagram, completely neglecting my emails, moving the podcast launch date, and my favourite new course launch date, then you’ve either never been pregnant or are one of the 98% of really lucky pregnant ladies who didn’t experience hyperemesis gravidarum.

Hyperemesis SUCKS. I was completely unprepared for actually falling pregnant (we were trying but there’s only one functional ovary) and even more so, for being literally knocked off my feet during the first trimester. You guys. For eight weeks I was in bed every single day from waking up to sleeping to waking to sleeping. For another two weeks, give or take a few glorious days, I was able to move around between vomiting. I lost 12kg. It was tough. My brain was miraculously okay, but it was worse than a depression. Life was kak. At week six, I couldn’t imagine getting through another week, but somehow here I am at 14 weeks + a few days and I got through all of it.

I didn’t make one thing. I didn’t do one piece of work. I mostly hated my email pile up and somehow managed to respond “too sick to reply, I will when I’m better” and add it to a folder. I moved two launch dates. This is not like me. I am a hustler. It was really tough to revert to doing nothing and having no control over it. Oh man, it’s been tough to learn this utter loss of control. No doubt it’s going to help when baby is here and again, I’m going to have to give it all up again.

And you know what? It’s all worth it. It’s all okay. A lovely woman on Instagram gave me my motto, “some days all I can do is continue creating a human and that’s okay“.

I started off living a passive life, then I turned it into a life of Getting Shizz Done. When I went back to passive for reasons outside of my control, I thought it would be a smashmortion. I thought I would never be myself again. I thought, “that’s it. I’m a mom now and my life is no longer my own. My body is no longer even my own”. But you know what? This isn’t true. It’s been four days since I reached 14 weeks, and those four days have included a blurred-vision-nausea-inducing migraine, and one morning puke, and they’ve still been fantastic. I worked from wake up to sleep (with so many more breaks than I’ve needed before) and I managed to catch up on everything that needed to be caught up on. Apparently miracles do happen to those who hustle.

So this might be some weird leveled-up version of myself that I’m meeting. One who actually has constraints and works through them. One who also gives herself time to rest when she needs it, and even when she really doesn’t want to. One who realises the value of rest over productivity. It’s amazing what your body can go through when it doesn’t have a choice.

I’m not sure what the future is going to hold (besides a little Greyby), but I’m pretty excited to get there.

Before I share what’s happening in the other parts of my life, I want to add a little disclaimer since I’m not as eloquent as those who don’t need disclaimers: I am very happy to be pregnant. I am very unhappy to have had to go through hyperemesis and wish more women spoke about their experience with it. I’m very happy to be able to work from home. I’m unhappy to have had things put on hold. I’m happy to have realised that life goes on even when the very worst work thing you can imagine happens. Work goes on. Some days all I can do is continue creating a human and that’s okay.

Onto the other updates!


Caylee Grey Scrapbooking

Beyond thrilled to have started creating again. My main project is my Pregnancy Album, which I cannot wait to share with you! Scrapbooking and Project Life style documenting is the easiest way for me to get back into things, and having kits like the Gossamer Blue one take all the thinking out of it and frees brain space to just create.

I started a mini book club thats going to start 1 September, where we’ll go through The Artist’s Way. I’m excited to put some jumper cables back on my creativity with this book and with a dedicated community. Internet people are awesome.

The Blog

A Visual Guide to Project Life • Artist Interview with Kelsey McEvoy A Visual Guide to Keeping a Creative Art Journal Diary • Artist Interview with Anna Papaioannou A Visual Guide to Expressing Yourself with Art Journaling • Artist Interview with EmK Wright A Visual Guide to Embroidery • Artist Interview with Jennifer Bilton A Visual Guide to Art Journaling Your Feelings • Artist Interview with Tiffany JuliaA Visual Guide to Collage • Artist Interview with Essie Smith A Visual Guide to Liquid Acrylics • Artist Interview with Amy Maricle Keshena - Headshot A Visual Guide to Papercutting • Artist Interview with Reut Dominits
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I have come back completely re-energised for the blog, with so many topics to chat about. Guest interviews are coming up next week and you’re going to LOVE these artists as much as I do. I just know it.

Get Messy

Caylee Grey Art Journaling

Join the free Introduction to Art Journaling course

Get Messy is still rocking it. It’s the one thing that didn’t slow down at all during my three month break. Yay for planning ahead, and for an absolutely amazing team and community. We’re currently working on 2017 and it’s going to be even more amazing. I’m constantly amazed at that “little” community.


View the resources

Something that I had been working on just before I fell pregnant and off the face of the internet was my Resources page. I am so often asked about certain tools I use and things that I recommend. It’s definitely going to be something that will grow over time, but I reckon that there is more than enough for anyone wanting to get started or to elevate her creativity. I have a few affiliate links in there (yay me) for the tools and programs that I am constantly recommending and absolutely adore. People always say that about affiliate links, but unless I use something on a daily or weekly basis, it won’t be affiliated.

How She Creates – the podcast

How She Creates podcastListen to the podcast

My sweet podcast had to move her launch date because of the fact that I couldn’t interview guests without puking. The new launch date is 10.10.2016, and be sure to sign up on that page to be notified when it launches. I’ve also organised the most incredibly presents from the guests that will come with the episodes directly to subscribers. If you’re not into subscribing to things, that’s totally fine too – just keep an eye out on my Instagram. That’s just as great, although very presentless.

During September I’ll do the interviews. I have the blog posts (over at that site) set up and ready. The first season is completely planned (with room for this new thing I discovered called “life obstacles”), and I have been jumping around the walls about the guests. Each episode is focused on a certain type of creating and has two or three guests that are pretty amazing at it, and we have a digital coffee chat. I can promise you that you will end each episode feeling crazily inspired, having advice to be able to start, and knowing what to do to start or elevate your creating in that way.

This podcast has been a long time coming and I’m almost excited for its birth as for my own human baby’s birth.


Caylee Grey eCourses

Learn something at Caylee Grey Courses

The Minimalist Art Journal is a course that I’ve always wanted to write. It was meant to launch in July, but that did not happen. It’s kind of difficult to video tape yourself making things when your hands are shaking and your mouth is puking :) So I’m moving the launch date. To when? I’m not sure yet, but I’ve got the outline done, and now I just need to get filming. If you’d like to know when that launches, be sure to sign up for my newsletter.

Level Up is still going strong and I am still in love with the course. I am going to have a relaunch for it, and then close it completely so that I am able to focus entirely on the students. So either be sure to join now, or sign up for the newsletter to stay updated about when your last chance will be.

And I feel like that’s it for now. It’s a huge update!

What are you currently working on?