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Style is subjective, in the eye of the beholder, and best of all, if you are truly comfortable in your personal style, it permeates into all aspects of your own creative expression. Hey there, I’m M.E. Ster-Molnar. Say it like “Emmy” and yes, I’ve got style. Your style shows, whether you like it not. From how you dress, decorate your home, cook, see the world, and especially as an artist. Once you nail it down and run with it, it’s your individual brand that people instantly recognize when they see what you have created. Think

Hi, Netra here. Writing is my favorite pastime and I am going to show you how to bring your journal entries to life! Keeping a journal is nothing new. Writing down our day to day is something that has proven to be a stress reliever over the decades. I myself have kept several journals/diaries over the years. I am not going to show you how to journal, however, I will show you how to decorate your entries and take them to the next level. Out with the old black ink on

Hi glitter-and-unicorn-loving-people! You don't love unicorns or glitter? It's hard for me to believe that, but don't worry this post has nothing to do with either glitter nor unicorns. I am Sarah and I have the honor to share with you a giant art journal, which is the result of me tackling the Season of Lists at Get Messy. THE START OF THE SEASON OF LISTS When the season of lists started in the Get Messy group, you could say I was really underwhelmed. I am not a lister, except maybe todo

Hey there guys! My name is Ira and I’m super excited to be here and guest posting for the lovely Caylee. I have a lot of juicy stuff that I’m about to share with you and it’s all about being organized and plan your day like a boss. I’m pretty sure you can’t wait to know more so let’s dive right in! As a creative person, we may feel like we don’t need to plan out our day. We often work at irregular hours and there’s no fixed schedule either. Most

Hi there. I'm Holly. First, I want to thank Caylee for having me on her blog! It's so wonderful to share this post in her beautiful space on the internet. Now, let's get to it. I'm here to share my love of midori traveler's notebooks! I fell in love with midori traveler's notebooks (standard size) ever since I first saw one put together by Amy Tan on YouTube. Heart Eyes! So, I started collecting them here and there, in an obsessed kind of way. Last August, we went on a week long

Hello! I’m Jasmine. I’ve been scrapbooking for about four years, but I’ve been recording my memories since I could hold a pen (I seriously need to find my old diaries and burn them… so embarrassing). I have an awesome husband and a gorgeous daughter, and I love to make things! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite types of projects, a mini book. Or in this case… a giant mini book. My daughter started ballet in the fall and had her first recital in December. It was something I have dreamed

Hiya! I'm Misty, and three and a half years ago I decided to Make Something Every Day. This is the story of my journey. Lisa Frank Was Not My Hero I was a professional drawer and gluer of things even as a child. I started collaging my notebooks in elementary school because I wasn't into Lisa Frank and my only other options were boring notebooks in primary colors. My mom took me to art classes at the local arts center, which was a BIG deal in 1980s central Arkansas. I remember very

Howdy! My name is Jenna, and I hail from the Lone Star State in the US of A. I am a writer, editor, and creator. I also live with mental illness which is what I am here to talk about today - more specifically, the principles I use to maintain my creativity and productivity during times when my inner demons threaten to overwhelm me. Those Pesky Inner Demons After a month of successful productivity as indicated by my todoist Karma points, the boxes of junk ready to be transported from tidying up