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Hello all, Vanessa here with you today. If you follow my work - you may know me as @dansmoncrane on Instagram- you know that I love to art journal. It is a daily practice for me and an important way of finding and maintaining balance. I have an art journal that holds my daily spreads and another for the work I do through Get Messy. But I also love to do mini, themed art journals and this is what I will share with you. In thinking about this post, I kept

I happened to see Tina's beautiful engagement photos on Instagram. I contacted her, like a creep, and asked if I could turn them into a mini book. They were my favourite photos to make a mini book with to date, except for my own wedding photos (which I've made like four minis with now). Her peachy-pinky dress along with the colour of the sky, and the softness of the photos was exactly my kind of colour palette. I made two books. This is the one, and the other will be on the Gossamer

I've been experimenting with paper planning and it's all because of this bad boy. Don't get me wrong. I'm not giving up my digital planning, with all of its todoist and Evernote beauty. But paper and a pen is certainly something that adds a whole extra layer of creativity to my plans. I'm keeping it simple. Three sections. Goals. Year. Schedule. The goals have my 2016 goals to keep my focus. Year includes a "handmade" calendar made with Paislee Press digital stamps. Schedule includes one page a day for my daily focus -

I am a lifelong learner and I believe in personal growth. These books are great at helping me with this vision. The 4-Hour Work Week - Tim Ferriss Escape the 9-5, live anywhere, and join the new rich. “The question you should be asking isn't, "What do I want?" or "What are my goals?" but "What would excite me?” ♥♥♥♥♥ My thoughts: this was my first real productivity/business book and I fell in love with Tim in this. Best bit: Tim's writing voice Implementation: he speaks about the silliness of living life for your retirement, and that we should be

I've only recently started purchasing books that actively encourage creativity and it's opened up an entirely new world for me. Back in South Africa, these books were prohibitively expensive, but over here they're so accessible and reasonable (compared to South Africa) that I couldn't not. 1000 Artist Journal Pages - Dawn DeVries Sokol Personal pages and inspirations. ♥♥♥♥♥ My thoughts: this book is lovely, and has a lovely idea behind it, but the pages were just not my style at all. It's simply personal taste. Best bit: the double spread above because I liked this artist's style Implementation: inspiration

A while back I shared the travelogue for when I went to Berlin with my lovely friend, Fe. It didn't include one photo, and I love it. But there is always space in the world for more photo mini books, right? I was so in love with the letters from the SBW Maikit that I made approx. one million minis just to use them more. I couldn't do every photo, but I chose a bunch of my favourites and added those, and wrote each memory from them. It was a really magical

I ended up making two minis with Alicia's photos because the cupcake ones were just too cute to add to the same album! I loved using the corrugated paper in the kit as a cover. And once again, I'm binding my own mini because I'm totally obsessed with that technique. Products: Scrapbook Werkstatt Maikit

I was the first to be zined by the Zine Squad, and I was ecstatic to be asked to join them (Katie and Jules) when they made one for the Great V. Vanessa is somewhat revered in the Get Messy community because she is an incredible artist, total hustler, super mom, and amazing friend. She is my "I don't know how she does it" friend, and her heart is as big as her talent. It was really nice to do something for her for once because my life quality has increased