Caylee Grey
Fairy art mother


My darling husband really upped his game this week. He emailed through fifty photos from his weekend trip, and they were all Project Life-worthy. These photos even included a few "from where I stand" and a bunch of selfies. Yay, T. The things he does for love. Project Life gives a reason to take more photos, especially for someone who is more camera shy.

This week involved another seven days of waiting. Waiting for the visa, expecting the visa, not getting the visa. Project Life is a fantastic way of getting through the disappointment. I get to make a big deal of the little things that happen in the week away from my husband. By documenting the every day, I realise that these days away from my husband and doing "nothing" are just as important as the ones where I'll be travelling every day, and giddily happy. Project Life helps me to be objective and see how much I have to be grateful for, and how fantastic my life is even though it feels differently.

Eek. Our very first Project Life title page.

2013 is the Year of the Great Adventure. 2013 is the year that we get married. The year that we pack up our entire life and move to Germany for eight months. The year that thanks to visa restrictions, I quit my job and become a house wife. 2013 is a great year to start documenting our tiny piece of the universe and I'm so happy that I found Project Life just before it.