I am officially on YouTube. After six months of watching creative videos and tutorials while I nursed my son, or while he napped on me and I couldn’t move, I’m “giving back” to the YouTube community. Those videos kept me going through the newborn stage, through teething, through struggling with not being able to work. They kept me company when E hated leaving the house.

There are a bunch of lovely women who really rock the YouTube thing that made me feel as though I needed to make my own videos. I’ll do a post on that in the future, but if YouTube is your thing then you really need to follow Essie and Dee until I write out that list.

I’ll be sharing process videos and tutorials on the same stuff as my blog – art journaling, memory keeping, paper travelogues, a sprinkle of productivity. I’m promising a new video every Tuesday. I’d love for you to join me for the ride.

My first video is  a process video of a page from my son’s journal. The journal is a handbound traveler’s notebook sized junk journal that I made while pregnant. This book is special. You should know because HELLO it’s difficult as anything to write in. But I’m too attached to it to make a new one. Here are some photos from it…

It feels SO good to be “back”. If you’re reading this, I love you.