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Today is a freaking exciting day for us here at Get Messy. I am can-barely-type kind of excited. Get Messy is taking a holiday break, and this is our last day. This wouldn’t be exciting except for the fact that when we come back, we have some big freaking plans. So this is also the last day as Get Messy as you know it. If you’re interested in art journaling, or the crafty community, you can sign up and hear as soon as we break the news. If you’re on the waiting list, be sure to add your name to the sign up too.

Until then, here are some pages.

Get Messy Art Journal ♥ Caylee Grey

I made two pages for Andrea’s incredible prompt.

Ja. This would be the word that describes my life perfectly right now. Oh, it’s so perfect. It means yes in both German and Afrikaans. It’s reflective of my German life and my South African one. I feel like I can’t choose who I am right now between the two, but ja fits in quite perfectly between the two. I’ve been saying yes to almost everything lately. These two little letters.

Get Messy Art Journal ♥ Caylee Grey


Back when I was in school and we did a charity thing and went deep into a township, we visited a creche where the little kids had never seen a person with white skin before, let alone blonde hair. They came running towards us shouting “umlungu! umlungu”. They couldn’t stop touching my hair. It was amazing. We asked a friend who spoke Xhosa what this word meant. White person. It’s such a fun word that rolls off the tongue, and it’s something I’m enjoying as I am thinking so much about my Africanness. Just like using the adjective “black” when describing a person, it can be rude, but it is not inherently.

Get Messy Art Journal ♥ Caylee Grey

I’m so excited about next year. I hope you’re excited with us.

Get Messy : An Art Journal Challenge | 02 // Caylee Grey

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