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Mini Book - Tina + Lester

I happened to see Tina‘s beautiful engagement photos on Instagram. I contacted her, like a creep, and asked if I could turn them into a mini book. They were my favourite photos to make a mini book with to date, except for my own wedding photos (which I’ve made like four minis with now). Her peachy-pinky dress along with the colour of the sky, and the softness of the photos was exactly my kind of colour palette.

I made two books. This is the one, and the other will be on the Gossamer Blue blog at the end of the month.

I made a kraft cover with the brown card that comes with every GB kit. I did a simple saddle stitch to hold everything together.

Supplies: Gossamer Blue June Kits, Garn und Mehr light pink yarn, pink doily bits from Essie



  • <3 you are the absolute best and the furthest from creepy! Thank you so much once again love! xoxo

    8 Jun 2016
  • Holly

    Beautiful! “Like a creep” LOL! I bet she loved it!

    11 Jun 2016

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