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Recently, a whole bunch of lovely Messians posted their first art journal pages and it was so much fun to look back on. I shared my first pages in our Whatsapp group, but not online. Until now. Almost exactly 18 months ago, I posted my first Get Messy post on the blog. It was just Lauren and I and we called it “L + C Get Messy”. I cannot believe how much the group has grown, but clearly Lauren and I were not the only people tired of doing nothing, and hungry to create.

It excites me so much that these words were there from the beginning.

love having these pages to look back on and know where I was and who I was back then. Life has changed so much and not at all.

On Tuesday I shared a post in the Get Messy private Facebook group, then on my Facebook page, and now here. Just in case you needed to read it:

I’ve been thinking a lot about how so many people are missing out on the amazing things that happen through art journaling. They’re overwhelmed because of the lack of structure and how difficult it is to start. I totally get it. I was there. I wanted to art journal, it looked so nice the way others were doing it. But I was scared of actually art journaling. Of what? Not liking what I made, wasting my time, wasting money, embarrassing myself. Of everything. Then one day I had enough of wishing and realised if I wanted to art journal, I’d actually have to art journal.

Lauren felt the same way. We FORCED ourselves to sit in front of a blank workbook at least once a week. I made a LOT of kak. I had no idea what I was doing. It was NOT easy. But we didn’t want to stop cause we didn’t want the other person to stop. So we kept going.

So if you’re waiting to start, confront your fears and barriers. We all started once. It sucks, it’s going to suck how bad you are. But then after a while you’re not going to be completely awful. And your yay pages are gonna be better than your kak ones. The hard work is worth it. SOOOO worth it.

If you’re showing up every day and sitting in front of a blank page and forcing yourself to do SOMETHING on it, you’re going to make amazing things.I promise, promise. The nice thing about art journaling is that it’s so broad that your amazing things will take quicker than if you were learning e.g. quilting. Plus, the actual process is amazing no matter what your page looks like.

You don’t get to making amazing things by not making anything. No “good” art journaler started off good. Every single person really sucked for a bit and pushed through it.

You have to do the work.
You have to follow what makes you happy.
You choose what success is to you.
Ignore trends.
Try new things.

JUST START. I’m rooting for you.