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Plans for Project Life 2015 ♥ Caylee Grey

Living in a third world country with very limited access to scrapbooking products, I’m forced to plan way, way ahead. When my mom visited Germany for work back in August, I had to make sure my order from Scrapbook Werkstatt would be all ready to be delivered to her hotel room. Sometimes this third world country thing works to my advantage. I spent a lot of time thinking about what 2015 would be like for Project Life. All of 2014, in fact. Once I’m stuck in a plan, I’m stuck.

I had a re-look at my plans for 2014, what worked and what didn’t work. This is what eight months of thinking got me:

  • Main change #1: size. 12×12, as much as I want to continue the gorgeous set on my bookshelf and maintain consistency, I have just fallen out of love with you. I’m going 6×8.
  • I’m not being totally inconsistent, though, and keeping the black faux leather look with a Becky Higgins album. Sidenote: I know that they are incredibly thin, especially compared to the Studio Calico Handbooks, but I like the BH page protectors, and I’m just not ready to punch six holes in each protector.
  • Main change #2: time. Weekly didn’t work for me because we did less stuff. I’m going to try wing it, fill when I want to, and see where that takes me.
  • Main change #3: printing. I have always printed at a printer. I finally have my own printer at home and I’m surely going to be using it.

Plans for Project Life 2015 ♥ Caylee Grey

  • Unlike every other year, where I had all my weeks and page protectors all organised, and the weekly title cards in the pockets, this year I’m leaving it empty except for what has been completed. I’ve stored the page protectors in a 12×12 and will take them out as needed.
  • Speaking of, this will be the first year I’m not doing weekly title cards either.
  • I’m staying hybrid, but doing a bit more physical layouts. I’ve really enjoyed using the Gossamer Blue Kits, and will continue with those.
  • I’m using a mixture of page protectors – Becky Higgins Design 1, 2, 3, and 4 and October Afternoon’s 2×2 grid. I stuck with just Design A this year. And loved it. But because of the smaller size, things are gonna get really boring if I just using Design 1.

Plans for Project Life 2015 ♥ Caylee Grey

  • I’ve changed my month cards to resized versions of the Pretty Documented Wall Calendar . I truly love the Paislee Press ones that I used last year, but using something that I made (along with V) with so much love excites me.
  • Consistent fonts. Again. Although I’m not sure what they will be just quite yet.
  • More journaling.
  • More focus on silly quotes. More email and Whatsapp screenshots.
  • More of T’s perspective. I did a bit in 2014, but not as much as I would have liked to. Putting this in my todoist.
  • Continuing with the sharp corners.
  • I failed with printing every week last year. I didn’t have photos to print and I fell behind. For 2015 I will be printing as necessary.
  • I also didn’t do the monthly summaries or goals thing because, quite frankly, 2014 was boring. Incredibly exciting for myself and my husband, career-wise, but boring. We worked a lot. We stayed home a lot. Not many photographic adventures happened.

Plans for Project Life 2015 ♥ Caylee Grey

  • I may or may not have already done the front page for 2015 (Pretty Documented pre-orderers will recognise that printed transparency). I’m going to continue with those (obviously), as well as my Week Zeros that I love so much.
  • I’ll continue using digital organisation for Project Life (and I’ll give my 2015 Digital Organisation as a freebie tomorrow, just like I did last year)
  • I’m going to be focusing on my lessons from this year (which I’ll be sharing next week)
  • With inspiration from Andrea, I’ll be sharing my sharing my Project Life spreads once a month in 2015. Clearly sharing weekly didn’t work.

Plans for Project Life 2015 ♥ Caylee Grey

Project Life 2015 will again be my inspiration for creating adventures, and weeks worthy of documenting.


  • Sally Wilson

    BEST BLOG POST of 2014 for project life- NAILED IT- Thanks Heaps Caylee

    21 Oct 2014
  • Kukky

    Glad to hear that you will share the digital organisation again. It is very much useful. I use to keep my photos weekly. Thank you so much.

    21 Oct 2014
  • I love this.

    I’ve totally been thinking about how I will change things up next year already, and I don’t have the excuse that you do, haha. I’m just crazy like that, I guess.

    I probably won’t share my thoughts until November at the earliest. Loved reading this.

    21 Oct 2014
  • Loved reading your process. I’m gonna do a similar post in the coming weeks on my own blog.. I’m sticking with 12×12 for this year at least.. we’ll see.

    21 Oct 2014
  • I like that you reflected the things that worked and the ones that didn’t. I will change things as well for 2015.

    21 Oct 2014
  • Thank you for this inspirational post. 2014 for me has been terribly un-inspiring and I have fallen far behind on PL. I believe trying to keep a weekly PL was too much and lost it’s appeal quickly. I know for 2015 I would like to do more of a monthly PL instead. Looking forward to your digital organization and more 2015 preparation. ~ Carol W.

    21 Oct 2014
  • Sandra L.

    Hi, Caylee: May I ask how you resized the little calendar pages so that they are Project Life-sized? Thank you very much!
    I too am married with no children so it is great to see someone doing PL that’s not all about kids.
    Have a wonderful day!

    21 Oct 2014
  • Mk

    Fantastic post. Take a look at Elise Joy Cripe’s monthly layouts. Sounds like you plan something, although I am positive your end result will be unique.

    22 Oct 2014
  • Great post, Caylee! I look forward to hearing about your font choices. For my journaling I use my own handwriting that I had made into a font. But for titles and captions my font choices are all over the place! I don’t mind the look of different fonts in my album, but I do mind having to think about which fonts I want to use each week.

    22 Oct 2014
  • Since I just started Project Life I really liked reading your plans for 2015. I am not experienced enough for drawing any conclusions just yet. The only thing I do know for sure: core kits do not work for me. ;-) Too bad I had to have two of them.
    I am looking forward to seeing your 2015.

    22 Oct 2014
  • Hey Miss Planned and Organized 2014,
    I love that you have such concrete plans already for 2015! I’m trying to get caught up on 2014, but thinking ahead in the mean time as well.
    One of the things I’m struggling with is printing – I’d love to work on my PL every week, but since I have my pictures printed, I hate having to pay processing and shipping costs for not even 10 photos every week. I’m printing monthly at the moment, but would love to print at home.
    What printer will you be using? I’m eyeballing the Canon Selphy, but I hear it doesn’t print full 4×6 and that would SUCK…


    22 Oct 2014
  • Julia Felix

    Hey Caylee,

    I’m a little bit sad to hear, that you don’t plan to have weekly spreads…I really like them! but on the other hand I’m relieved, because I couldn’t manage to do weekly ;) and I’m sure you will create sooo many beautiful spreads in 2015 that I’m looking forward to, to see :) so now I want to know why you chose the smaller format and how you plan to do the “loose” format..I struggle a lot with how many Pictures/stories/days/moments I want to cover in one spread.. :) I hope it makes sense ;)
    Or how you will plan to get shit done – do you plan your time to do the spreads (monthly/weekly/etc) or will you just do it when you like to do it?
    You see, I’m really curious to hear more :) and I always am one happy Person if I see you blogged :)
    greetings from Switzerland, Julia

    22 Oct 2014
  • You and I have the opposite problem…I tried to do a smaller version last year, and while it was good for some random photos, I am going to do 12 x 12 this year. I just always have photos on top of photos that I try to fit in. Seems like I never have enough room. Or it could be I take too many photos! Love this post and your creativity, as always:)

    22 Oct 2014
  • Loved this post and how you’re already reflecting on what has worked / hasn’t worked for you this year. I’m going back to 12×12 in 2015 but I’m really looking forward to see your take on 6×8. Once the time comes, I’d love to hear more about how your go-with-the-flow and print-as-needed approach works.

    22 Oct 2014
  • Your plan sounds so much like mine!

    I made it to about 11 weeks into 2014. Ugh.

    I had great success in 2013 using 6×8 so I got cocky and went for the 12×12 for 2013… and that was just way too much work.

    I’ll definitely be taking some of the tips you shared here and trying them. I’ve just recently gotten into digital scrapbook stuff and printing at home (except photos – those I’ve printed at home forever) so using specific fonts throughout the year will add a nice touch.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


    23 Oct 2014
  • Caryn

    Awesome post Caylee:) I wanted to ask you – how do you get your Gossamer Blue kits? I’m desperate to order their December Memories kit but terrified that it will never arrive with this awful postal service of ours, especially with the strike at the moment. I already have an SC delivery and an AE WITL kit out there somewhere that haven’t arrived:(

    23 Oct 2014
      • Caryn

        Ah man, I was hoping to hear that you had a sneaky route in & I could ask a favour;) I don’t think there’s any point ordering then, it’ll just be more wasted money:( So sad. Awesome to know that their delivery is usually quick – maybe one day we’ll have a postal service again…

        26 Oct 2014
  • This is so helpful. I decided to begin Project Life in 2015 and all of your posts about it have helped me so, so much.

    23 Oct 2014

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