Short answer:

I’ve been making things. Lots of things.

365 Crafting Time ♥ Caylee Grey

Long answer:

I’ve been hearing a lot about the beauty of mornings.

The first ba-bam was from Laura Vanderkam who wrote an entire book about how the morning is the most important ingredient in productivity.

Second boom from Leo Babauta and his views on mornings (a plethora of resources of his graciously forwarded to me from Andrea).

Then Andrea created the habit of waking up early. She’s already onto her second habit (which I’ve also taken on). I don’t know, Andrea’s pretty much a machine.

And then I heard this podcast by seanwes. Here’s the thing. I love Sean McCabe. His podcast has come into my life at the exact right time. Right now I’m longing for the things that he’s longing for.  So when he said that he had turned himself into a “morning person” from a “night owl” I was bitten. I decided to just give it a try.

I didn’t wake up five minutes earlier every day and do a gradual change. That night I set my alarm for 5am and the next morning that’s what time I woke up. I did not hit the snooze button, I didn’t lie in bed going through Instagram. I said “okay!” to Griffin and to myself and I sprung out of bed. Seriously. I pretended that I wasn’t exhausted and that I wasn’t super unkeen about the fact that it was still dark and T was still in bed. And I’ve been doing this every day for a while now. Some days I set the alarm for 05.30, and some for 04.30. If I’m excited about making something in particular, then I will go for the earlier option.

And you know what? It’s just as great as the proponents make it out to be. It sucks during the minutes between eyes opening and getting to the kettle, but after that I’m wide awake and crazy productive. The amount of stuff I used to make during a “productive” night that I’d stay up until 4am (six hours) cannot be compared to how much stuff I make in the mornings in three hours. It’s at least triple each time. Creativity has a snowball effect. And I’m going to keep making making making until I burn out. In fact, I’m on day ten of a 30 day creating challenge I made for myself.

365 Crafting Time ♥ Caylee Grey

I’m tired of the huge list of ideas I have, it’s not getting me anywhere. And so my goal is getting those ideas out of my Moleskines and into my hands. So far so good. And then I saw Sabine’s post yesterday (right in the middle of my first draft of this post). So now my challenge is for 365 days and will have a lot less pressure. The 30 meant 30 completed projects. The 365 is for working on something creative every day; 365 mini projects. I’m keeping a track of everything in a Flickr album. That way I can upload straight from my phone and not spend too long taking the photo. I’ve chosen to take photos of the process, especially because most of my projects will be for design teams and I won’t be able to show. The completed projects will pitch up in their own albums.

I’ll be chatting about waking up early, as well as the #365craftingtime challenge in future blog posts, but for now I’d love it if you joined us all. It’s easier with a community.

365 Crafting Time ♥ Caylee Grey

The world just looks so much prettier at 04.30.