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Excited. Proud. Itching. Nervous. Eager. Creative. Blessed. Expectant. Thrilled. These are the main emotions that I am feeling as I announce that Get Messy 2.0 is now open for pre-registration.

If you don’t yet know what Get Messy is, do you even read my blog? You remember those weekly Thursday posts… at 10am every single week… with art journals? If it’s still not ringing a bell, you can read a bit more here. In short, “Get Messy is a community where we learn together. We don’t claim to be experts. Just passionate about this way of expressing ourselves. We hope to grow Get Messy into an organised, curated collection of art journaling resources, inspiration, accountability, and community. This is a place to share your pages and discover new artists. It is a place to ask, to share, to grow, to support, and to be supported.”

For me personally, I love how GM has directly led to the creation of five FULL art journals and a bunch more mini art journals. It’s been my therapy. It’s been my creative outlet. I’ve met amazing people, who have cheered me on and inspired me like crazy. No amount of words will ever be able to adequately explain how much the group means to me. I want you to feel as warm and fuzzy inside as I do.

It runs for six week blocks, with two weeks of break. Then we’re back at it actively again. You choose your commitment level. It costs $15 for the early birds. You get access for as long as the program is open. 10% of that goes directly to Let’s Build a School, which is an amazing cause that I’m thankful that we can help out.

Get Messy is for you if:

  • you love creating (whether new to art journaling, new to everything, or a seasoned art journaling pro)
  • you’d love to create more
  • you’d love some accountability with making
  • you’re wanting to grow as an artist, along with other like-minded people
  • you’d like a concise place to discuss art journaling – your own and others’
  • you have a lot to give, and are ready to receive it tenfold

Get Messy is not for you if:

  • you’re looking for someone else to do the creative work for you

But I don’t want to write a sales pitch here. If you feel like this is right for you, I’d love for you to join us. If you don’t feel like it, that’s cool too… you can watch from afar, or you can join the external linkups we’ll be hosting once a month. Or you can continue your life exactly how it was before. Either way… things are about to get messy.