Screw Perfection.

It’s time to let go and make imperfect art.

I am Caylee Grey. South African artist in Germany. Creator of Get Messy, official Fairy freaking Artmother and your pro excuse-squashing ninja.

Imperfect art + overenthusiastic journaling.

The Fairy Artmother

I’m your South African born Fairy Artmother writing my story in my favourite country of Germany. Castles and Christmas markets aside, it’s Germany’s internet and postal system that has my heart.

I have a secret desire to own three to six diabolically ugly dogs. My husband is the only thing standing in between me and dog happiness.

My art journaling adventure began as a way for me to get messy, ditch perfectionism, stay accountable, and consistently create art. But, magically, it transformed into something so much more than that too…

For the past seven years I’ve been happily swishing and flicking my arty wand over at Get Messy Art as I help fellow creative humans just like you embrace the mess and magic of a fulfilling creative life.

Spoiler alert: It involves creating. Not thinking about creating. Not daydreaming about creating. But. Actually. Creating. And a whole lot of mess.


Three Ways to Get You Creating

The Community

Get Messy is an online art journaling school that teaches you to cultivate your creativity. Without perfection.

The Book

Get Messy Art: The No-Rules, No-Judgement, and No-Pressure Approach to Making Art. Published by Quarto. Available now.

The Journals

Paper Trail – My Life in Paper. A digital library of 250ish of the 375ish journals I’ve made since beginning this journey in 2014.